How long does it take to get a Medical Cannabis Card?

The New Mexico Department of Health Medical Cannabis Program processing time is currently 30 days of receiving the application.

Do I have to see a Dr. to get a Medical Card?

All patients must be evaluated by a NM licensed provider to obtain a Medical Cannabis Card.

How long is my Medical Cannabis Card good for?

Patients are required by NMDOH to re-certify annually (every 12 months) to maintain their eligibility. DO NOT DELAY A renewal must be obtained before expiration to maintain access to Medical Cannabis. There are no grace periods within the Medical Program.

What is the most common conndition to qualify under?

Our two most popular certifications are PTSD and Severe Chronic Pain.

What do I need to qualify with Chronic Pain?

For Sever Chronic Pain we will need the most recent medical records diagnosing the chronic pain or demonstrating that the pain cannot be remedied with conventional medicines. Chiropractic care, physical therapy records, or pain specialist medical records are sufficient for certification.

What do I need to qualify with PTSD?

We are able to certify PTSD in office by our licensed provider, no outside paperwork is required for this evaluation.

What about the other 19 approved diagnosis?

All other certifiable medical conditions follow the same protocol as severe chronic pain. For instance, a medical cannabis card certification for Epilepsy would require the most recent official medical records stating this diagnosis. Our on-site provider will review the records and certify the diagnosis and recommending the patient use medical cannabis to treat the symptoms.

Will anyone know I am in the Medical Cannbis Program?

The New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program in Santa Fe is where your applications are place and the information is HIPAA protected.