You, Your Partner, & CBD

Before, during, and after sex we often get trapped inside our own head worrying about how we look or how we move, and lets be honest it can ruin the moment or at least put a damper on the mood. It doesn’t matter if you’re hooking up with your man after an Aggie Game, enjoying yourself by yourself (because why not your arms are long enough anyway) or enjoying your longtime partner, it seems sex can be stressful so why don’t we talk about it?

There's Sex & Stressful Sex

What is stressful sex? Nothing really just a term I came up with while writing this blog to describe that kind of sex, not bad sex or good sex, just stressful sex. The sex you have when you don’t feel sexy because you are caught up in your thoughts or worries. At times people suffering from acute or chronic pain can feel like they are at a loss, worrying about their pain worsening during sex can often put a damper on things or halt their sex lives entirely. Wether you’re struggling with a physical barricade like pain or a mental barricade like anxiety CBD can help you gain control of you sex life again.

Me, My Partner, and WHAT?

CBD is the shortened name of “Cannabidiol,” the primary non-psychoactive cannabinoid of the Hemp plant. CBD's popularity has increased in recent years and is now commonly being used to treat people suffering PTSD and other anxiety causing disorders due to its calming effects. CBD is also often used to treat patients suffering from acute to chronic pain because the cannabinoid is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. CBD in other non-scientific doctor words is an extract from Hemp that can help relax both your mind and body without getting you high!

A little fun fact about Hemp (the plant which CBD is derived from): Hemp and Marijuana are from the same plant but CBD is currently (totally) legal in all 50 states! The difference between what's legal and what's not is the percentage of (get read for it here come another big doctor word) Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, one the main psychoactive cannabinoids of Marijuana. In order for a plant to classify as Hemp and not Marijuana is a THC percentage of .03% and below.

Hemp can be used to make a variety of products, some that are easier to incorporate in the bedroom than others.

Let's Get Comfortable & Real

So what if we removed the barricades we created? What if we allow ourselves to enjoy the moment without all the thinking? Easier said than done right? I thought so too.


The quickest and most effective way to relieve yours or your partner’s anxiety with CBD would be to use products you can inhale, like inhalers, dabs, or vape pens. Personally I like to use CBDLuxe’s BeClear’s disposable vape pen for situations when I am feeling a little stressed out, and hold on this is not some shameless product plug it’s a testimonial. I like CBDLuxe as a brand because they are very transparent about what goes in to their products and how they are designed to help. BeClear is a CBD vape pen that includes peppermint essential oil; selected because it acts as a both a breath freshener and as a muscle pain reliever. I would highly recommend BeClear if you have some anxiety and are seeking almost instant relief inside and outside the bedroom, getting comfortable either with your partner or yourself while enjoying a nice relaxing vape can really help set the mood.

If you are interested in experimenting with smokeable CBD, it would be worth your time to find high quality CBD flower. Smoking high quality flower in my opinion is a one of the most enjoyable ways to fully experience CBD. Smoking CBD flower outside the bedroom brought me an uplifting sensation that simultaneous helped me relax throughout my day.


Personally I have never experienced pain during sex, but that doesn’t mean we won’t talk about it. Pain is one of those things that can be intimating, it can take over you and discourage you but it doesn’t have to! CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve those extra sore spots you have. Acute and Chronic pain doesn’t have to put a damper on your sex life, ingestible can be used to relieve your pain before, after, and during sex. Taking a CBD edible can alleviate pain before sex as well as prevent pain from occurring during and after sex if dosed appropriately. One of my favorite edible products are CBD infused Golden Maple Giraffe Nuts a soft chewy cameral that comes in all kinds of flavors. One Giraffe Nut has 15 mg of CBD, with all CBD products it is recommend to start off with 25% of your body weight in milligrams (mg).


During my research for this blog I found a lot of people using CBD Oil such as CW Hemp as lubricants. Many people are saying they experienced better orgasms when using CBD oil as a lube, since I have never tried this myself I can’t say if its true or not but science is backing this claim.

The vaginal canal has the most available CBD receptors, receptors that avoid your liver and harsh stomach acids. Avoiding the liver and stomach acids during CBD uptake allows women to experience the benefits of CBD quicker and maybe even more intensely!

One thing to remember if you choose to use CBD Oil as a lubricant that oil based lubricants can tear condoms. There are an array of CBD products that can be used to enhance your sex life, some you might already have but like all things in sex you should always be safe, comfortable, and have fun! If you are interested in any Cannabis related blog topics or if you feel like sharing you cannabis stories ( you can remain anonymous if you choose) me at! Thank you for reading!