BE Clear CBD Organic Disposable Vape Pen 200 mg

BE Clear CBD Organic Disposable Vape Pen 200 mg

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Ultra Premium CBD Vape Pen for Sale
	200mg Organic Pharma Grade CBD
	300 Puffs
	USDA Certified Organic Steam Distilled coconut and peppermint Essential Oils
	Disposable Pen
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  • Just BE, EVOLVED

    So many things to do. So many places to go. When life gets too crazy and hectic, sometimes you just have to BE.  Introducing the first Ultra-Premium Pharma Grade CBD Disposable Vapor Pen Line designed for the discerning connoisseur, you.  That weird fiberglass padding? Gone, and in its place, organic Japanese cotton. Every component designed with your health in mind. Inside, you will find only the best Pure Pharma Grade Organic Non GMO CBD and the highest quality Organic Non GMO ingredients. Your health is our top concern, that’s why we will never use PG, VG, or PEG in any of our line. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. That’s our promise to you.

    Because you deserve only the best.

  • Synergy



     the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. This has never been more true of a CBD Vape than our BE Calm nighttime pen. A calming blend of USDA certified  Organic Lavender, Chamomile and Valerian essential oils. Long prized for their calming and sleep inducing properties, we scoured the globe for the  finest oils to bring you our best selling blend. Our Lavender Maillette is grown and steam distilled in France. So is our Valerian. Our Roman Chamomile is grown and steam distilled on certified organic farms in England and Hungary. No solvents ever touch any of our ingredients. Ever.

  • Why Vape CBD?

    There are many ways to take CBD. You can eat it, use it sublingually, topically, and vape it, just to name a few.  We designed our  CBD Disposable Vape Pen line because vaping CBD is the fastest way to uptake 100% of the bioavailabilty. When you eat CBD up to 70% can get lost in the liver leaving only 30% available for uptake. Sublingual is a great alternative method for use, if done correctly. It must be place under the tongue for around 90 second to receive the full bioavailabilty. This method takes a little longer for the uptake but lasts longer in the system. Topical use is a great method for spot use. But for ease of use, efficacy and discretion our CBD Vape Pen line can’t be beat.

  • Ingredients and Essential Oils:


    Organic CBD 100 MG

    Organic MCT Coconut Oil 1 ML

    Organic Lavender Oil  .66 MG

    Organic Chamomile Oil .36 MG

    Organic Valerian Oil .36 MG


    Potential Benefits of Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

    • Anti Anxietal
    • Anti Depression
    • Digestion Aid
    • Sedative


    Potential Benefits of Valerian Essential Oil

    • Improved Sleep Quality
    • Reduce Heart Palpitations
    • Menstrual Cramp Relief
    • Cognitive Stimulation


    Potential Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

    • Calming
    • Sleep Aid
    • Nausea Relief
    • Breath Freshener
  • Disclaimer:

    CBD Luxe makes no claims to the efficacy or use of essential oils or CBD to treat any specific ailment or affliction. Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Vaping essential oils has not been evaluated by the FDA and should be used responsibly.